Demo Patches

Table of Contents

    Holon.ist demo patches

    The demo patches listed above can be used out of the box with Holon, after a DAW has been detected. With Holon.ist, the “holonist_osc_demo” preset needs to be loaded.

    VCV Rack

    VCV Rack integration is done using our VCV Rack Holonic Source module.

    Our demos are included in the plugin folder : <user>/Documents/Rack/plugins/HolonicSystems-Free/demos. Also see our VCV Rack Holonic Source manual which explains how to open the plugin and load our demo patches.

    Alternatively, you can download them directly from here :


    Reaktor integration is done using Holonic Source Block.

    Demo patches coming soon.

    Ableton Live

    Ableton integration is done using our Holonic Source Device.

    Demo comming soon