Holonic Source DMX can use the DMX protocol to connect to stage equipment, such as fixtures, projectors, hazers, wind machines, pyrotechnics and more.

Holonic Source DMX is free to use in non-commercial, personal, research or artistic projects. Contact us for enterprise licensing.

Holonic Source DMX is a Processing sketch. Download the latest version of the Processing application from Download Holonic Source DMX, open and run it in Processing.

Holonic Source DMX supports OSC messages and Holonic automatic discovery. Processing is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Holonic Source DMX can connect to Enttec DMX USB Pro Holonic Source DMX has been tested with and confirmed to work with the Enttec DMX USB Pro using serial over USB. Please note that Enttec Open DMX does not work at this time. Holonic Source DMX can also forward messages to the network using Artnet.

QLC+ and QLC+ integration.